Maryhill Museum & the Columbia Gorge

“En plein air” takes on new meaning and excitement this year in our partnership with Maryhill Museum of Art. The museum is located in a vast and inspiring landscape, located high above the Columbia River. In it’s 17th consecutive year, some of the finest painters from the Pacific Northwest and from across the country will gather to capture the stunning light and inspiring vistas of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area with it’s expansive views of Mt Hood, the Columbia River, and the surrounding vineyards. 2023 also marks the celebration of the 38th year of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Act, and the 101st year anniversary of the Historic Columbia River Highway, lending special significance to this year’s Plein Air Event.

Internationally recognized artist Lori Putnam will award prizes for the most exceptional works.

The wild and untamed scenery of the Columbia Gorge offers breathtaking opportunities for paintings just waiting to be captured. Come join artists who will share your passion for this spectacular landscape!

Maryhill Museum website:


Top Photo: Maryhill Museum New Wing  / Bottom Photo: Mt. Hood and Maryhill Museum  (Photos by ©Josh Partee/ All Rights Reserved)

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